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British Ports Association introduction to customs & post Brexit requirements webinar

The British Ports Association has teamed up with the UK Customs Academy to organise an introductory online training course on customs rules. This is a 1.5hr webinar session designed to help port and maritime industry representatives understand the governing processes and rules for customs procedures.

TT Club publishes workplace guidance to help UK ports through the coronavirus pandemic

As businesses across the UK strive to regain levels of activity with the easing of restrictions, it is imperative to maintain the safety and well-being of all workers and more important than ever for employers to understand the unusual risks that they and their workforce face under unique circumstances. TT Club, a leading international insurance provider specialising in the cargo handling sector and an Associate Member of the British Ports Association (BPA) has prepared a short paper for UK ports and terminals to consider as part of their risk assessment and management plans during the COVID-19 outbreak.

BPA Concerned About Quarantine Measures And Calls For Sea Bridges to Aid Economic Recovery

The British Ports Association is concerned that the new quarantine measures announced this afternoon by the Home Secretary will stifle the recovery of international maritime passenger travel. There needs to be a risk-based approach to ‘transit corridors’ and recognition that ferry travel to neighbouring countries could be much safer than other transport options.

UK Ports: Look to Green Investment and Freeports as Part of Economic Recovery

The British Ports Association (BPA) has today published an economic recovery plan for government that highlights how investment in ports can play a part in the UK’s healing from the deepest economic shock in living memory. Included in the proposals are a Green Maritime Fund to drive sustainable development and help stimulate growth consistent with Net Zero aims. A key message is to energise our ports by igniting their potential to fire up the economy.