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BPA Re-Issues Call for Port Futures Project

The BPA is today re-issuing our invitation for industry bodies to collaborate with us on Thought Leadership projects.

The BPA is today re-issuing our invitation for industry bodies to collaborate with us on Thought Leadership projects.

The BPA Port Futures programme has been running since 2018 and is a thought leadership platform our members and the wider industry. We are keen to continue to work with companies and specialists working at the cutting edge in their area of maritime expertise to challenge, provoke and inform. This may take the form of articles or short reports to infographics or videos to examine emerging trends and innovative new ideas in the ports and shipping industries that will lead to short and longer-term changes in the ports industry.

We work with members in jointly publishing work and promoting it both with our members but also in the media. Typically we invite our Associate Members, who are usually organisations in the wider ports and maritime industries, to participate – more details about membership are here:

Commenting, Phoebe Warneford-Thomson, Policy and Economic Analyst, at the British Ports Association said:

“Throughout its two-year history, the British Ports Association’s Port Futures programme has successfully focussed minds across industry and government on key long-term challenges that ports will face. The analysis and forward-thinking contained with each project, has aided the industry in adapting to the changes again and helped to turn them into lucrative opportunities. Today’s world is marked by rapid and at times unpredictable change, and as an industry, we are keen to play our part in shaping that change as much as possible and being ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

This rolling programme of activity will continue to address key issues for ports over the short, medium and long-term future, including technology, infrastructure and skills, as well as potential opportunities for and challenges to British ports that these issues present.

Previous port projects have included:
• ‘Port Masterplanning: Planning for the Future’ with ABPmer
• ‘Move Forward: Step by step towards a digital port’ with the Port of Rotterdam
• And the most recent example, released last week; ‘The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles and Ports on the British Roro & Short Sea Unitised Markets’ with MDS Transmodal.

If you are interested or have any suggestions please contact Phoebe Warneford-Thomson at the BPA at: