Cyclo 061 - New BPA report ' A Brexit Dividend'

To: All Port Members

Following Monday’s agreement between UK and EU negotiators on the terms of a transition deal and ahead of the EU Council meeting later this week, we have published ‘A Brexit Dividend’ which may be of interest. We have called for a pragmatic deal with the EU on both customs and regulatory recognition that allows both British and European businesses to get their goods across borders as quickly as possible.

Cyclo 062 - Commons NI Committee second report on Brexit and the Irish land border

To: Northern Ireland Ports Committee

Just a short note to say that the Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has published the second report of its inquiry into the post Brexit Land Border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. This is the second part of the inquiry which in the previous Parliamentary session, Peter Conway of Warrenpoint gave evidence to in 2016. The report does not make any specific references to ports or fisheries harbours but the Committee makes a number of recommendations that you might find of interest.