Mapping Port Regulation

We recognise that regulation is important to protect people, businesses and the environment. When designed and implemented well, good regulation can shape markets for the better and support innovation, investment, prosperity and sustainable growth.

Ports are covered by thousands of government regulations. We have mapped some of the most important pieces of legislation and regulation that affect ports and rated their suitability to the industry. This is not a comprehensive list and is an attempt to track and assess those that affect ports.

We recognise that these ratings are rather arbitrary, and we have explained our reasoning for each one. The map is intended to be a broad overview of where we think the priorities for regulatory reform for our sector lie. We have also included guidance and codes of practice where there is a firm expectation of compliance from government.

A ‘red’ or ‘amber’ rating does not necessarily mean we want to see the regulation scrapped entirely. In many cases we support the wider ambition or aim behind it but do not think the approach works for ports. This map and directory is ‘live’ and we welcome feedback and pointers to things we may have missed.

Download the graphic here: PNG | SVG | PDF

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