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Ports looking for more FLOW funding commitments

Responding to the UK government’s announcements that its Floating Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Scheme (FLOWMIS) has been extended the BPA welcomed the acknowledgment that additional time will be needed to deliver the UK’s offshore energy aspirations but suggested more funding is key to achieving these targets.

Commenting, Richard Ballantyne the Chief Executive Officer of British Ports Association which represents over 400 ports and harbours in the UK including all our main energy gateways, said:

Whilst we certainly appreciate the government’s recognition that ports need more time to prepare and deliver projects, unfortunately this news doesn’t address the need for further funding and if anything it limits what government will actually be able to award the sector over the next few years. Offshore wind opportunities are vast however our ports are in a ‘chicken and egg’ situation waiting for various announcements on public funding decisions as well as on leasing awards. The ports industry is going to at the forefront of the rollout of FLOW by providing the land-side interface that offshore wind installations will require but we do need a bit more from policymakers to make it happen.

There are definitely some further discussions to be had on additional funding and planning easements to meet the very ambitious expected offshore wind targets and timescales.

However it’s still an exciting time for our sector and we look forward to continued cooperation with government and across the energy industry to help the UK realise its very teal offshore wind potential.

Richard Ballantyne OBE, CEO BPA

In response to industry feedback received during the FLOWMIS application window, The UK Department for Energy Security & Net Zero has taken the decision to reprofile the FLOWMIS budget into financial years 2024/25 and 2025/26. £70m will now be available in 2024/25 and £90m will be available in 2025/26 and application wind has been extended accordingly. Details are here.