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Portsmouth implement new diesel filtration device

In a commitment to improve air quality, Portico, Portsmouth’s international cargo terminal has implemented a new diesel filtration device. This project, undertaken by the port engineer at Portico, involved fitting an off-line kidney filtration device, developed locally by Delta-Zero, that is connected directly to the on-board fuel tank in one of the ports large mobile cranes helping to not only reduce diesel consumption, but also reducing particulate emissions from existing port machinery. The filters internal structure is made of 100% recycled material and the external casing for these is reusable and returned for re-use.

The filtration system is helping to mitigate the effect of the existing cranes until the port and the wider electricity network has the capacity to supply sufficient electricity to run their new duel fuel cranes. So far, the installation of the filtration equipment significantly reduced the particle count in the diesel, to sit safely within ISO 4460 limits. With this system now in place, deliveries can be thoroughly checked and rejected where necessary.

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