Port Futures

Port Futures: Thought Leadership in the Ports Sector

The BPA Port Futures programme is a thought leadership platform for our members and wider industry. We are keen to work with companies and specialists working at the cutting edge in their area of maritime expertise to challenge, provoke and inform.

This might take the form of articles or short reports to infographics or videos to examine emerging trends and innovative new ideas in the ports and shipping industries which will lead to short and longer term changes in the ports industry. We work with members in jointly publishing work and promoting it both with our members but also in the media.

Typcially we invite our Assoicate Members, who are usually organisations in the wider ports and maritime industries, to particpate – more details about memebrship are here: www.britishports.org.uk/join  

We are excited to be working on a number of current pieces of work over the summer. This rolling programme of activity will address key issues for ports over the short, medium and long term future, including technology, infrastructure and skills, as well as potential opportunities for and challenges to British ports that these issues present

If you are interested or have any sugguestions please contact Mark Simmonds at the BPA at: mark.simmonds@britishports.org.uk