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Port Energy Systems Optimisation

Portsmouth, co-funded by Innovate UK, have been trialling a solution that could be rolled out across the UK port sector to meet the potentially higher electricity loads as result of decarbonisation efforts.

The Port Energy Systems Optimisation (PESO) pilot is integrating a novel battery technology into the port energy network so that energy generated onsite can be stored in the battery until required. Energy management software, developed by Swanbarton, helps optimise energy flow around the port and coordinates with the grid to optimise the cost-effectiveness of the overall system and reduces or eliminates grid reinforcement costs.

Portsmouth have deployed the smart port grid infrastructure and have successfully integrated the port’s investment in solar power. Portsmouth and Swanbarton are now focused on developing the machine learning and artificial intelligence elements, so the system can learn to optimally use, store and distribute energy around the port. The aim is to eventually use this system to support a fleet of electric port light goods vehicles.