Scotland, Wales & NI

The BPA is very proud to represent ports throughout the UK and to make representations on their behalf which reflect different markets and political sensitivities.


Latest figures show that ports in Scotland handle 71 million tonnes of cargo, 15% of the UK total.

Each year Scottish ports handle over 32 million tons of oil and gas products, 8 million passengers and 2.6 million vehicles.

Ports in Scotland employ 31,500 people, the equivalent to 2.1% of total employment in the country and the highest number of direct employees of any part of the UK.

They generate £1.9 billion gross value added direct contribution to Scottish GDP and this contributes nearly £630 million in taxes and has the highest GVA contribution to the economy 

The fishing industry in Scotland is also by far the largest in the UK. Landings at just three ports (Peterhead, Lerwick, and Fraserburgh) account for just over 50% of all landings by UK vessels.

Northern Ireland

Ports in Northern Ireland (NI) handled 25m tonnes of cargo in 2014 amounting to 5% of the UK total, larger than that of some EU member states.

Taking into account the population of NI, this is a remarkable performance.

NI ports handle approximately one-third of all traffic passing through ports in Ireland.

NI ports have been particularly resilient in recent years and although there was a dip in throughput during the recession, it now exceeds pre-recession totals, the only part of the UK to have achieved this


Each year Welsh ports handle 9%, (around 53m tonnes) of UK freight

Including significant volumes of ferry traffic, oil and gas, containers, steel, biomass and bulk cargo as well as other offshore renewable cargoes.

Welsh Ports also provide vital facilities for cruise ships, marine and leisure activities and the fishing industry. Supporting almost 11,000 jobs at the ports and sustaining other vital parts of the economy.


In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the BPA provides the only forums through which ports can have direct contact with their respective governments and Ministers. Central to this activity is producing data on the value and economic contribution of each country’s ports to its economy.

Devolved Assembly Election Briefings

We have produce a number of election briefings for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively (which can all be found below)

Although some port issues such as security and navigational safety are reserved, ports policy in Scotland and Northern Ireland are fully devolved.