St Andrews Harbour Trust

St Andrews Harbour Trust, was reformed into its current structure by the Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation (No 1) 1897, and was reconstituted by the St Andrews Harbour Revision (Constitution) Order 2010. The Trust maintains and manages the harbour, balancing the historic, leisure and commercial aspects.

St Andrews Harbour hosts a growing leisure fleet, pontoon based in the inner harbour, and an inshore shellfish fishing fleet based in the outer harbour. The water sports of Coastal Rowing, Dinghy Sailing, Paddle Boarding and Canoeing are all based in and around the Harbour. The harbour also has the only landing points in St Andrews Bay, all of which can add up to a busy place at times.

Trust Port
The Harbour Office, Store 9 Fishermens Stores
The Shore
KY16 9RG
United Kingdom
07506 409792 (Harbour Master)