Gibraltar Port Authority

The Gibraltar Port Authority was established in 2005. Its strategy is to build on Gibraltar’s unique geographical position and provide a vital link between all shipping stakeholders in order to deliver the best possible service to visiting ships, in a safe and efficient operating environment. As part of delivering this core function, we manage safety of navigation, as well as regulating the various activities which are carried out in our waters. Notable among these is the regulation of the bunkering industry, for which we attract international recognition for our best practice. The vision for the future builds on this success, and extends this level of partnership and transparency to all sectors of the industry at our Port.

The Port Authority’s main functions are:
Monitoring and control of all vessel movements for BGTW in support of port operations and navigational safety;
Provision and monitoring of port security including provision of security controls within restricted and controlled zones;
The licensing of Port operations; Search and Rescue in BGTW; Pollution prevention and response;
Monitorinq and control of ship-to-ship and bunkerina ooerations within BGTW.

12 Windmill Hill Road
GX11 1AA
+350 200 46254