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UK Port Connectivity Summit planned to discuss investment in road and rail links to ports

The British Ports Association is hosting its first Port Connectivity Summit this spring to focus attention on the investment needed to better connect ports to wider transport infrastructure. This will bring together national and local policy makers to discuss how investment hinterland links to UK ports can be prioritised.

Utilising port masterplanning to drive future growth in coastal regions

ABPmer and the British Ports Association have today published a white paper highlighting how masterplanning can contribute to genuine growth in coastal regions as well as help ports communicate their strategies and visions to stakeholders. Recognising the ports industry as an important economic driver, the paper intends to help local, regional and national planners become aware of the potential of masterplans.

SNP Party Conference 2019 Round-up

Last week, Policy and Economic Analyst for the BPA, Phoebe Warneford-Thomson, attended the Scottish National Party’s 85th Annual Conference in Aberdeen. The event was held at The Event Complex Aberdeen, a brand new, expansive event complex just outside Aberdeen city centre; which, incidentally, is the site where the BPA 2020 Conference will be held. The key themes of the conference were not surprising; with much discussion of Britain’s exit from the European Union, the failings of the Westminster Parliament and the SNP’s continued pursuit of independence. Though it was welcome to see how Scotland’s maritime industry was often considered within the context of these themes; especially with regards to the resolution on Developing Maritime Trade.

BPA Community Outreach Report

British Ports Association highlights community impact projects at UK ports. The British Ports Association is today publishing a collection of case studies demonstrating the work that ports across the UK are doing with their local communities. This includes the establishment of community projects from Aberdeen to London; as well as smaller ports, such as those owned by Cornwall Council or those that are community run, such as Tobermory Harbour Association.