Shetland Oil Terminal Advisory Group (SOTEAG)

The Shetland Oil Terminal Advisory Group (SOTEAG) has continued to look after the interests of the environment and natural heritage around Shetland’s Sullom Voe Terminal and Port since 1974, before work on the terminal began.

It is recognised globally as a pioneering, world-class model of integrated coastal management based on its independent scientific monitoring and expert advice. The Monitoring Committee (sub-committee of SOTEAG) has developed a suite of baseline ecological monitoring over the years, which provides an ongoing “health check” by evaluating the amount and significance of change.

The SOTEAG committee reports to and advises The Sullom Voe Association Ltd. (SVA) whether remedial action is required. Greg Maitland is currently a valued committee member of the SOTEAG Committee and the Shetland Oiled Wildlife Network (a sub-committee of SOTEAG, set up to assist a national response in the event of an incident). The committee provides open dialogue between stakeholders which is essential for SOTEAG to be effective.