Scottish Ports Group elects new chairman to champion ports in Scotland

Andrew Hemphill, Port Director of Clydeport, has today been elected as Chairman of the Scottish Ports Group.

The Scottish Ports Group is the only industry-led forum representing the views of this important and dynamic sector, which is a major contributor to the success of the Scottish economy. Coordinated by the British Ports Association, it holds regular meetings with the Scottish Government and other key decision makers. The Group represents all the major ports in Scotland, as well as numerous smaller harbours.

Andrew Hemphill, Chairman of the Scottish Ports Group said:

“I am delighted to be elected Chairman of the Scottish Ports Group today. Scottish ports are fundamental to the Scottish and UK economies and play a unique role in not only in providing a base for trade and employment, but also in connecting communities. Ports provide the landside gateways for Scottish trade as well as acting as a hub for vital industries such as offshore energy, fishing and the cruise sectors. It is estimated that each year Scottish ports contribute £1.9bn in gross value added to the economy. We are keen to highlight this value to policy makers and the wider public.

I’d like to thank outgoing Chair, Lorna Spencer, Director of Harbours at Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd, who today completed two two-year terms. Lorna has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all Scottish ports and has been actively involved in numerous initiatives to promote the sector.”

Andrew started his career with Clydeport which is part of the Peel Ports Group over 30 years ago. He has worked in all parts of the business, is well known in the industry and has established links to the Scottish Government. He recently held the role of Chair of Cruise Scotland, which is a membership-based marketing organisation that promotes Scotland as a cruise destination to industry operators.

Congratulating Andrew Hemphill on his appointment, Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive of the British Ports Association, commented:

“I’d like to congratulate Andrew Hemphill on being elected as the next Chair of the Scottish Ports Group. Serving as Vice Chair for the last two years, Andrew has been a strong supporter of the Sector and we look forward to working with him throughout the next two years. There are many challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for Scottish ports and we look forward to working with Transport Scotland to deliver an ambitious the Scottish Maritime Strategy.”

Also today Nicholas Scott-Gray, Chief Executive of Montrose Port Authority has been elected as Vice Chair of the Scottish Ports Group supporting Andrew.

1. The British Ports Association last year published the ‘Scottish Ports: Gateways for Growth’ brochure which can be downloaded by clicking here.
2. The Scottish Ports Group is the industry-led forum which represents the views of this important and dynamic sector. Together our members in Scotland manage over 250 ports, harbours, terminals and piers of all sizes. It is Chaired by Andrew Hemphill, Port Director of Clydeport.
3. Scottish Ports provide hubs of regional and national economic activity as well as important clusters of coastal employment.
4. Latest figures show that ports in Scotland handle 67 million tonnes of cargo, 14% of the UK total.
5. Each year Scottish ports handle over 32 million tons of oil and gas products, 10.5 million passengers and 3 million vehicles.
6. It is estimated that the UK oil and gas industry currently supports more than 302,000 jobs, 38% of which are in Scotland.
7. Ports in Scotland directly employ 14,800 people.
8. Ports generate £1.9 billion gross value added (GVA) direct contribution to Scottish GDP and this contributes nearly £630 million in taxes.
9. 2017 was the eighth successive record breaking cruise season for Scottish ports. In 2018 there were 794,000 cruise passengers visiting Scotland and £109m expenditure in cruise tourism, which supported 1,139 jobs.
10. The fishing industry in Scotland is also by far the largest in the UK. Landings at just three ports (Peterhead, Lerwick, and Fraserburgh) account for just over 50% of all landings by UK vessels and 37% of the total value of the UK catch.
11. The British Ports Association represents the interests of over 100 port members, covering over 350 ports, terminal operators and port facilities. For more information please go to
12. The British Ports Association recently produced a video which highlights the importance of ports to the UK’s economy. It can be viewed by clicking here.