Reducing Waste to Landfill and Marine Litter in Peterhead

As part of the East Grampian Coastal Partnership, Peterhead Port supported a beach clean as part of the Turning the Plastic Tide project. This saw 44 volunteers plus staff from supporting organisations – including the port – remove 2.5 tonnes of marine litter from the beach in 3 hours.

Large sections of tangled rope and netting submerged in the sand that once were a permanent feature of the beach, made up the majority of the collected weight. Additionally, numerous counts of plastic bottles, rubber gloves and fabric were also noted and removed. 

The Port conducted a pilot litter recycling scheme in 2019 and it is hoped that this will reduce marine waste to landfill by over 50% in 2020, aiming to recycle 200 tonnes of waste intended for landfill. The Port also participates in the Fishing for Litter scheme and supports the beach plastic purge initiative.