Plymouth's Air Quality Strategy

The Port of Plymouth is dedicated to helping improve the air quality throughout the city. Cattewater Harbour Commissioners published their Port Air Quality Strategy in 2019, setting out the Harbour’s current and future plans to improve air quality in Plymouth.

Measures that have been put in place include a cycle to work scheme for employees; building renovations to reduce the carbon footprint by installing LED lighting, insulation and timers; air quality monitoring to produce baseline data and monitor improvements; commissioning an independent review of the harbour’s pilot vessel to assess its emissions; and gaining EcoPort accreditation, the main environmental initiative of the European port sector.

In future the port has committed to looking at long-term air quality monitoring and investigating the use of loweremission assets, green tariffs, electric vehicles, and offsetting. The port is also engaging with commercial wharf operators and others to develop stronger environmental policies and strategies to tackle air quality around the port.