Maritime Growth Study Review published

Responding to the Government’s release of the Maritime Growth Study Review today, Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive at the British Ports Association, said:

“We note the Review with interest. UK ports were generally positive about the Maritime Growth Study and its attempts to promote the sector to wider audiences. However, quite whether the Study will lead to actual measurable growth in cargo and port activities remains to be seen. We have certainly found working with the other industry groups under the umbrella of Maritime UK to be beneficial but we would like to see action from Government. Specifically, the ports sector is keen to see delivery on issues such as the forthcoming DfT Port Connectivity Study and also on planning. While the Growth Study can certainly help to identify these issues, it is unclear if other parts of Government will actually take notice.”

“We will certainly be maintaining our involvement and we do very much look forward to working with the new Minister, Nus Ghani MP, and Maritime UK to continue to promote the sector collectively. We are delighted to see that the Port of Tyne’s CEO, Andrew Moffat CBE, will become the next Maritime UK Chairman in April and we would like to extend our gratitude to the current Chair, David Dingle, who really has made a huge contribution.”

The Study Review docuemnt can be found at: