Fishing Ports: Fishing for Litter

KIMO’s Fishing For Litter is an imaginative yet simple initiative that aims to reduce marine litter by involving one of the key stakeholders, the fishing industry. The project is designed to reduce the amount of marine litter in our seas by physically removing it and to highlight the importance of good waste management amongst the fleet.

Fishing for Litter is a simple idea. Participating vessels are given hardwearing bags to collect marine litter that is caught in their nets during their normal fishing activities. Filled bags are deposited in participating harbours on the quayside where they are moved by harbour staff to a dedicated skip or bin for disposal.

Operational or galley waste generated on board, and hence the responsibility of the vessel, continues to go through established harbour waste management systems. There are 15 harbours currently participating in Scotland and twelve in the South West of England – the two UK project areas.