Draft Wales Bill – Welsh Ports Group Reaction

In the wake of the UK Government’s recently published Draft Wales Bill which included proposals to transfer most ports policy functions to the Welsh Assembly Government, the Welsh Ports Group (who represent the interests of ports across Wales) have commented.

“The Welsh Port Group’s views on the devolution of ports policy remain neutral. What really matters is the policy framework the Welsh Government develops. In reality this means a stable and market-led approach to ports policy, maintenance of the mixed ownership model and a level playing field for all Welsh ports, at no disadvantage to the rest of the UK’s ports industry. We would also like to see a suitably resourced Welsh ports unit within the Welsh Government which can help the sector grow and flourish. We have an excellent working relationship with the Welsh Government and look forward to further constructive engagement and cooperation.”

Welsh Ports directly employ over 2,600 people, and create a further 4,500 jobs in-directly. They also help to build and deliver a substantial contribution to both the Welsh and UK economies.