British Ports Association introduction to customs & post Brexit requirements webinar

The British Ports Association has teamed up with the UK Customs Academy to organise an introductory online training course on customs rules. This is a 1.5hr webinar session designed to help port and maritime industry representatives understand the governing processes and rules for customs procedures.

The Moving goods into and out of the UK post Brexit session will take place between 2pm-3.30pm on 23 June and is free to join.

As the UK prepares for life outside the EU Customs Union much more of the freight passing through UK ports will be subject to customs controls. While most requirements will be on freight operators and cargo owners, varying types of port operations will have some new responsibilities. Ports have also indicated that they keen to understand what customs rules could mean for their customers and users.

This session will be helpful for ports with international bulk and/or container traffic or for this individuals who who want to familiarise themselves with customs rules.


As a clear operating model for Roll-on Roll-off freight operations as well as some of the specifics for GB-NI is not yet available or defined we will not cover these operations in great depth. However professionals from across the maritime and logistics sectors might like to better understand the basic principles associated to customs rules, so this could be a useful background briefing session.

In short the course will cover:

• Customs declarations/documentation
• Customs approvals at Ports
• Safety and Security declarations
UK:EU, GB:NI & Rest of World trade
• Brexit impacts and Inventory Linking
• Wharves & Temporary Storage facilities
• Goods inspection
• Border Inspection/Control Posts
• Moving from CHIEF to CDS
• Authorised Economic Operator status
• Customs Authorisations
• Post-Brexit Free Ports & customs

This session is designed to be a useful introduction or refresher course for industry representatives.