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Ricardo is a global engineering, environmental and strategic consultancy. We help clients solve some of the world’s most complex environmental challenges and provide governments, public agencies and businesses with leading analysis, advice and data.

We have been working with port owners and operators for decades to help them understand their environmental impacts. Our expertise includes:

·         Environmental and sustainability advice to maritime operations.

·         Development of environmental modelling and assessment of mitigation scenarios.

·         Net zero strategy and implementation plans

·         Carbon, air quality and energy assessments

·         Marine propulsion technologies.

·         Integration of zero carbon propulsion systems

We are independent and can cut through political or business bias to identify best, or most likely, solutions for operators, bunker suppliers, legislators, ports, and fuels manufacturers.

• We are experts in the full gamut of: policy, propulsion, fuels, emissions and environment.

• We can apply insights from work on policies for legislators such

as the IMO and EU, as well as strategic studies to help businesses start implementing marine decarbonisation at the lowest possible risk.

• We have partners in business, academia, NGOs and legislators giving us a broad and deep understanding.

• We have carried out numerous studies on fuels, ports, vessels and production, carrying out work in 20 ports across 13 countries.

• In-depth understanding of energy infrastructure, from ports to hydrogen generation.

• We are the experts in modelling, simulation and testing, as illustrated in our work with UK and international vessel owners




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