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Isle of Man Harbours

The Harbours Division of the Department of Infrastructure is in a unique position in the British Isles in that it has responsibility for the Coastguard, as well as the Island’s eight harbours and the berths within the harbours.

Harbours has 3 sections:

  • Harbour Operations
  • Coastguard
  • Administration

The purpose of the Harbours section is to manage and develop appropriate marine related commercial and leisure opportunities; ensure that the Isle of Man’s maritime interests and obligations are addressed and provide facilities and services that meet the needs of our present and future customers.

  • Provision, operation and maintenance of the 8 statutory harbours;
  • Preparation of harbours legislation
  • Local coastguard service and marine oil pollution contingency planning
  • Ownership of the foreshores (except Douglas beach in ownership of the Borough Council) up to highwatermark
  • The territorial seabed up to 12 miles
  • Co-ordination of territorial sea management
  • Monitoring of coast erosion
  • Registration of locally based pleasure craft
  • Regulation of coastal navigation
  • Quality Policy


Crown Dependencies


Sea Terminal


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Activities Undertaken:

  • Ferry freight
  • Leisure
  • Passenger