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Land all UK fish in the UK, post-Brexit, says BPA

The BPA is calling for all UK fish to be landed in the UK, post-Brexit

Responding to the launch of the Fisheries Bill today [October 25th], Mark Simmonds from the British Ports Association, said:

On landings and the economic value of our fisheries:

“Brexit is an unprecedented opportunity to take a fresh look at how UK communities benefit from one of our most precious shared resources. This Bill should be strengthening the economic link between our fisheries and our ports and coastal communities; there is currently no requirement for boats registered in the UK to land any fish caught in our waters in the UK. As a result, 40% of UK quota is landed in abroad in Europe, where much of the economic value is realised.”

“Landings are the best way to ensure UK communities benefit from UK quota. We believe that either all, or the vast majority of, catch from UK fisheries should be landed into UK ports. Ports are hubs of local and regional economies and the foundation of the fisheries and wider marine industry, yet our own research has found that many fishing ports struggle to operate commercially on income from fishing alone. This is a prime opportunity to put that right. We will work with UK parliamentarians over the coming months to amend this Bill so that UK coastal communities are placed at the heart of our fisheries policy.”

On infrastructure

“The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and its precursors have been critical to supporting the maintenance and modernisation of infrastructure and we are pleased that the Bill contains clauses that will enable the Government to replicate this scheme, and hopefully improve it and support UK fishing ports’ transition to long-term sustainability.”

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