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Green Freeports Announcement: Congratulations to Cromarty Firth and Forth but let’s extend the benefits 

As the two Scottish Green Freeports were announced the British Ports Association (BPA) has congratulated Cromarty Firth and Forth on their success but called on the UK and Scottish Governments to consider how ports in all regions can be given the the right conditions to succeed.

The BPA is the national trade association for ports and runs the Scottish Ports Group, the forum for ports in Scotland that covers all the major operations as well as operators in both the selected Freeports. The industry has long since championed the tools contained in the Freeports armoury but in a more widespread way.

Commenting, Stuart Cresswell, Chair of the Scottish Ports Group, said:

“Congratulations to Opportunity Cromarty Firth and Forth Green Freeport on this historic development. These announcements could potentially transform their local communities by attracting jobs and investment. Whilst we understand that not every port can be awarded this status, we emphasise the need for a level playing field to ensure that no port or coastal community is left behind.

We are therefore pressing the UK and Scottish Governments to further extend the benefits of Green Freeports to maintain a fair and competitive market. From planning to taxation there are plenty of tools available to help stimulate our coastal economies and the new Investment Zones concept could well be the driver for change.

With the growth of the Scottish offshore wind industry, it is truly an exciting time for the ports sector. We hope to bring this era of opportunity to as many ports as possible.”

The Scottish and UK Government’s Green Freeports announcement is here.