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BPA Welcomes New Shore Power Government Funding

The BPA has welcomed the Government’s new £77m Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition, which has been launched today.

BPA research has found that no shore power project anywhere in the world has gone ahead without government funding. This fund will help remove a key barrier to the installation of shore power, although significant other barriers remain including the high cost of electricity and a lack of capacity at many ports.

Industry is also waiting for a Government consultation later this year that is expected to explore potential regulatory approaches to emissions at berth. The BPA views shore power as a means, not an ends in itself, recognising that it will not be appropriate for all ports.

“This funding is great news for UK ports that are exploring shore power as a means of reducing emissions from ships at berth.

“Several key barriers remain and we will continue to engage with Government to identify what can be done to reduce emissions from ships at berth.

“There is a tight window for applications so we hope Government keeps an open mind for future rounds and continues to focus on reducing other barriers to reducing emissions in port.”

Mark Simmonds, Director of Policy & External Affairs, at British Ports Association said: