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Note: this is required by our constitution in order to determine the membership band.
For ports that are part of a private group or local authorities with several ports please give the combined total turnover of all ports under the ownership of that body (you do not need to complete multiple application forms for the different ports).
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Please Note – We have a six months’ notice period:

Article 17 of the BPA Constitution

17.      Any member of the Association wishing to retire as a member shall give to the Secretary of the Association at least six months’ previous notice in writing of the date upon which the member intends so to retire and such retirement shall be effective as from that date but a member of the Association so retiring shall not be entitled to reclaim any part of the moneys which that member may at any time have paid and, notwithstanding any such retirement or notice thereof, that member shall be and remain bound to discharge all financial obligations imposed and incumbent upon it as a member of the Association until the date upon which that member’s retirement takes effect or until the last day of the current Association accounting period in which the notice is given, whichever is the later.

2021 Subscription Bands

BandTurnover (£000s)Subscription (£)
10 – 332857
2333 – 4991101
3500 – 9991474
41000 – 39994187
54000 – 49996885
6> 500010812