Biodiversity Duty Survey

It has been suggested that there is a low level of awareness and understanding regarding biodiversity duties that apply to harbour authorities. This short survey aims to build an understanding of whether and how ports are complying with the ‘biodiversity duty’. No individual responses will be shared outside of the BPA/UKMPG.

A version of a biodiversity duty applies across the UK, although it is different in each country. In is generally a duty to conserve biodiversity although in Wales it is a duty to conserve and enhance and in England this is being strengthened to also enhance biodiversity from 2024.

You can read more about the biodiversity duty in each country here:

Biodiversity Duty 2023

Collecting information on awareness of the biodiversity duty

Are you aware that your port may be required to comply with a biodiversity duty?(Required)
If you produce biodiversity reports, have you ever had any of the following:
Would you be interested in understanding how other ports comply with the biodiversity duty?(Required)