Alternative Fuels for Harbour Vessels: Next Steps and Options for Ports

As part of the BPA Decarbonisation Programme, we are organising our second seminar on alternative fuels and options for harbour vessels. This will take place Wednesday 2 March 2022 at 1pm to 3pm. This will be an online event.

The UK Government’s 2021 Transport Decarbonisation Plan identified ports and harbours as key actors in the maritime sector in the path towards net zero through decarbonising their own operations, including alternatively powered tugs and pilot boats. With plans for a 2022 consultation to establish targets for the UK domestic maritime sector, British ports are under pressure to source alternative fuels for their harbour vessels.

To help ports prepare for future policy changes, we invite you to join a workshop exploring the barriers to scale, deployment and application of alternative fuels. With the help of your feedback from our previous session on Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) that we held in November, we plan for this meeting to explore both short and long-term solutions, with talks from industry and shared learning from different regions.

This event is free for BPA members