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2017 New Government Briefing

As the new Government takes shape this BPA briefing summarises the leading topical issues the UK ports industry currently face.

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As the new Government takes shape the below priorities and attached BPA briefing document summarises the leading topical issues that the UK ports industry currently face.

The BPA represents the interests of a wide range of ports and harbours to all tiers of UK government and with 95% of the UK’s international trade passing through ports they are vital gateways for economic success.

Working in partnership with the new Government our priorities for ports are:

Government to provide:

  • An efficient and streamlined planning and consents regime for port activity and development
  • Priority given to public funding of road and rail connections to ports
  • A Brexit trade facilitation pledge for border controls
  • Reduced burdens on business through the ‘Great Repeal Bill’
  • Recognition of the major benefits of maritime transport with targeted assistance for modal shift
  • Active support for the cross-section of port ownership models

Industry to provide:

  • An efficient, market led ports sector responsive to users and contributing to the economy
  • A responsible industry which strives to minimise environmental impacts
  • Information to regional and national planners
  • High standards of marine navigational safety
  • A safe, well qualified and trained workforce

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