BPA / UKMPG 10 Point Plan

Boosting the UK’s trade capability and creating a new deal for coastal communities – a better planning framework for ports and their hinterlands

Ports as an engine for jobs, investment and opportunity in coastal communities

Following some joint work with the UKMPG examining we have produced a joint 10-point plan which aims to achieve a planning and development framework to boost investment and job creation, several aspects of which builds on best-practice aspects of the current system.

The four principles guiding our proposal are:

  1. Ports and their hinterlands are proactively recognised in spatial planning for their ability to attract investment and provide jobs, as well as their key role in supporting the national economy;
  2. A presumption in favour of port development and port hinterland development must be utilized more widely given such development promotes the trade, investment and value addition that underpins good job creation;
  3. A streamlined, although still robust, planning system is utilised for such development, with outline permission parameters and area plans in place and defined timelines for all parties (including consenting bodies and statutory consultees) to abide by; and
  4. An environmental framework that maintains high standards of stewardship for important habitats and wildlife, whilst at the same time enabling port development, boosting local communities and reducing regulatory delays.

In short we believe that there is now a strategic opportunity to align enhanced national policy, development plan policy and better use of existing mechanisms such as Permitted Development to deliver the flexible and responsive ports that the UK needs as foundations for global trade and to drive shared regional growth.

The ports sector has developed a 10-point plan of practical measures to implement these principles. This plan aims to:

  • Increase flexibility and responsiveness
  • Make current mechanisms work better
  • Doing more of what’s effective
  • Look at step change opportunities

To download the 10-point plan please click here.