Belfast's 100% Renewable Energy

During 2019 Belfast Harbour ran a procurement process to ensure all the electricity (16Wh) they purchased comes from renewable sources. This electricity is utilised by a large number of Estate tenants, their own buildings, workshops and material handling equipment. This supports their current fleet replacement scheme and with 20% of vehicles now electric they are well on the way to decarbonising activity. Belfast Harbour is also facilitating charging points across the Harbour Estate including at the newly opened multi-storey car park.

In 2019 Belfast Harbour opened a dedicated cruise berth. In line with their environmental aspirations they installed a number of initiatives to drive sustainability at the site. These include self-powered solar and wind LED lighting towers and the installation of a SMART flower which utilises solar energy to power the cruise terminal. The port is further utilising SMART technology in its City Quays development with the installation of smart benches for the public to charge their devices using solar energy.