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Shore Power at Fraserburgh

Shoreside power, or ‘cold ironing’, is the process of plugging in vessels to shoreside electricity sources allowing ships to turn their auxiliary engines off while at berth. By turning their engines off, and thus cutting emissions, shore connections can support considerable emissions reductions in ports – of both air pollutants and noise. It can also help vessels save money on fuel.

Envirocentre: Minimising Environmental Impact in Stornoway

During a project to construct a deep water port, Envirocente worked with Stornoway Port Authority to ensure minimal impact on the natural marine environment. Impact piling works were scheduled over the winter months. This meant standard Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) protocols, which must be undertaken during periods of good visibility (i.e. during daylight and sea states of 3 or less), would have been difficult to incorporate into construction works without causing delays and/or short working days.