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NatPower Marine (Global) Ltd

NatPower Marine, part of NatPower Group, is leading sustainable clean energy solutions for maritime. We’re building the largest independent global network of ship charging facilities, pioneering clean propulsion, cold ironing and shore-based EV-Truck and Trade Vehicle Charging. This infrastructure will enable global maritime decarbonisation and address regulatory demands to reduce emissions.

By 2030, our vision is to establish over 120 port locations serving over 50 shipping lines and vessel operators. Through this extensive network, we’re revolutionising shipping routes and ensuring that renewable electricity is readily available to support the maritime industry’s decarbonisation requirements.

Our group has 25 years of expertise in delivering multigenerational energy infrastructure. Join us in shaping a sustainable maritime future where clean energy powers global transportation. Visit our website to learn more about our initiatives and be part of the transformation.




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