Synectics designs end-to-end integrated security and surveillance solutions for the world’s most challenging environments. In locations where security and surveillance are a priority to customers operations, Synectics excels.

Across the globe, we secure assets, processes and people in the most complex and demanding environments imaginable. Delivering on this challenge for our customers is our driving force.

Our expertise and experience is focused on complex projects that require tailored solutions with high reliability and flexibility, specifically for gaming, oil and gas, marine, transport, infrastructure, and public space applications.

Our global team of industry and technical specialists are dedicated to the design, supply and support of integrated security and surveillance solutions.

Synergy 3 provides the foundation for the solutions we deliver. Reliable, proven under the most extreme conditions, but highly flexible and user-friendly, our command and control platform helps ensure customers can always access the information that counts.

Synergy 3 seamlessly integrates third-party technology - from one or multiple sites - enabling them to be to be monitored, managed, and recorded from a single unified interface. Users receive a 360-degree view of security and surveillance that mitigates risk, improves operational efficiency, and supports rapid, informed incident response.

Supported by our range of servers, storage, display solutions, cameras, and control accessories, the end-to-end solutions we provide help customers quickly and easily interrogate the wealth of data at their fingertips, identify what matters, and act.

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