New Government Briefing

The BPA’s 2020 New Government Briefing outlines how industry and government can work in partnership to deliver for ports and fuel a successful economy. As the new Government takes shape, the briefing paper outlines the leading topical issues that the UK ports industry is currently facing.

The New Government Briefing establishes the key policy areas we want to work with government on over the next five years in order to maintain, and progress, the prosperity of the sector - to the benefit of the whole nation.

The briefing outlines our requests of Government to utilise ports to ‘re-charge’ the national economy, including:

1. An inclusive Freeports strategy which allows ports of all type and location to be engines of growth regionally and nationally

2. Priority given to public funding of road and rail connections to ports and support for local authority budgets

3. An efficient and streamlined planning and consenting regime for port activity and developments

4. Reinforcement of UK Content rules for offshore wind developments