BPA comments on Conservative’s Election Manifesto

Commenting on the Conservative Party’s General Election Manifesto, published today, the British Ports Association Policy Manager, Mark Simmonds, said:


On proposals to withdraw from the customs union:

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to ‘frictionless trade’, post-Brexit. Any new customs arrangements must meet that objective and ensure that there are no additional burdens placed at our frontiers.

95% of UK trade goes through UK sea ports and it is vital that both goods and passengers are able to move as freely as possible across the border”

On proposals for an ultra-deep water port to support the decommissioning of the North Sea oil fields

“we look forward to exploring the details of these proposals further, should the Conservative Party form the next Government. It is important that UK ports are able to compete in the growing decommissioning industry”

On proposals to withdraw from the London Fisheries convention and the common fisheries policy

“Fishing rights were a prominent part of the ‘Leave’ campaigns, and we expect whoever forms the next Government to be a strong voice for the industry in Brexit negotiations in defence of the sector.

A number of UK fishing ports rely on landings from foreign vessels so it is important that this can continue post Brexit to help sustain regional fishing industries and communities.

Given the level of seafood traded between the EU and the UK, we are confident that a pragmatic solution can be found that will allow the UK to exert more control over its own waters whilst not negatively impacting UK fish landings”