BPA disappointed with EAC report on MPAs

Responding to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee’s report “Marine Protected Areas Revisited” published today, the British Ports Association’s Policy Manager Mark Simmonds said:

“Ports have a good record on the environment and take their responsibilities seriously but some ports are finding that certain aspects of marine designations are becoming increasingly difficult to work with from a planning and development point of view.

We are both surprised and disappointed that the Committee is pushing for lighter evidence requirements for designations given the impact they can have on economic development.

Designations made on limited evidence can undermine confidence in the whole system.”

He continued to say:

“We have called for no further designations within port and harbour areas and safeguards against the conditions and restrictions such policies can have on ports.

Ports are important national and regional gateways for trade and activities. They support jobs and economic development in all corners of the UK.”